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Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Angels around me

They are my angels. All of them are my nieces and my nephews, except one cute little boy called Nabiel, Now here they are:

Zafran; cute little boy, with round eyes. His smile just like my little brother's smile. I met him when he was 3 days old. Now he is 7 months and has been grown as a cute and handsome liitle boy
Zafran at 5 days old
Zafran 6 months old

Zahra; Beautiful little girl, always curious, and loves to sing a song. She is Zafran's big sister. I was there when her mom was delivering her to this world. I was so excited, seeing her so small, I was very happy at that time to have my new niece. Now she is almost 3 years.
Zahra was singing a song called 'Kasih Ibu' or 'Mother's Love' (English translation)
Me and Zahra, She was kind of shy to me after a year she didn't see me around

Double Z was playing together

Ricky: what a handsome boy, he is my husband's nephew. He is so cute isn't he? He is now almost 4 years old now. He has grown into a nice, curious and smart boy :)
Ricky, using his father sun glasses 
Dicky : He is my husband's first nephew, big brother of Ricky. He is smart and He is on the second grade of Elementary School.
Fanny: She is a beautiful little girl, sister of Ricky and Dicky. She is smart and love to play puzzle with me :)
Dicky and Fanny have completed the puzzle
Nabiel: cute little boy, He is neither my nephew nor my son, we have no blood related, but I kind of emotionally attached to him, since I watched him grow and everyday he fills my day with joy :). He is my housemate's son, so no wonder why I can meet him everyday.
Me and Nabiel, so cutee.... some people said our faces are similar just like mother and son

Someday, not so long from now, I will have my own  and all of them will play around me :). This is my dream :)

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  1. Someday, not so long from now, I will have my own and all of them will play around me